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Jamaican Glossary

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  • All fruits ripe

    Meaning: Everything is going well

  • Bashment

    Meaning: A party

  • Bawn back a cow

    Meaning: Stupid

  • Beg

    Meaning: Please

  • Big tings a gwan

    Meaning: Big things are happening

  • Big up

    Meaning: Praise

  • Bokkle

    Meaning: Bottle

  • Bonafide

    Meaning: Original

  • Boonoonoonoos

    Meaning: Pleasant nice

  • Bwoy

    Meaning: Boy

  • Chaka chaka kuya

    Meaning: Look here

  • Craven

    Meaning: Greedy

  • Cyan

    Meaning: Cannot

  • Duppy

    Meaning: Ghost, evil spirit

  • Duppy Conqueror

    Meaning: Overcomer

  • Dutchy

    Meaning: Cast-iron pot with a round bottom

  • Dutty

    Meaning: Dirty

  • DWL

    Meaning: Dead with laughter

  • Easy nuh

    Meaning: Chill out

  • Fiyah

    Meaning: Fire

  • Gwan

    Meaning: Go on

  • Gwey

    Meaning: Go away

  • Gyanzi

    Meaning: Shirt

  • Hush yuh mout

    Meaning: Be quiet

  • Irie

    Meaning: Nice, right, cool

  • Kill mi dead

    Meaning: I would rather die

  • Kiss mi neckback

    Meaning: I can’t believe it

  • Labba labba

    Meaning: Gossip

  • Labba mout

    Meaning: One who gossips

  • Labrish

    Meaning: Idle chat

  • Latta

    Meaning: Later

  • Likki Likki

    Meaning: A greedy person who never passes on food

  • Likkle mo

    Meaning: See you later

  • Link mi

    Meaning: Call me

  • Link up

    Meaning: Hook up

  • Nuff

    Meaning: Plenty

  • Nyam

    Meaning: Eat

  • Sidung

    Meaning: Sit down

  • Simiya

    Meaning: I’m here

  • Sinting

    Meaning: Something

  • Skin teeth

    Meaning: Smiling

  • Wha gwan

    Meaning: What’s going on